XI. Winter rules will apply.

             A. You can roll the ball with your club head not more than 4 inches.

             B. You cannot roll you ball from behind a tree.

                          1. this is a 1 stroke penalty.

XII. If the golf course does not let out carts for any reason, the league will be

        cancelled for that night.

             A. We will follow the schedule with no make up games.

XIII. The league will play if the course is open and carts are only allowed on

         cart paths.

XIV. In the event of rain during the round 6 matches must finish for the league to count.

             A. For those that did not finish a score will be given for the holes not completed based on handicap.

XV. Only the golf committee will cancel league play.

             A. The golf course will be notified 1 hour before our scheduled tee times of                                       2:30 to 4:00.  The league will cancel play by 1:30.

             B. If you think the league may be cancelled please call the golf course.

                          1. 708-672-6667

XVI. It is up to your group to make sure your score card is correct.

             A. No changes to score cards will be made once they are turned in.     

XVII. Skins and proxies

             A. $1.00 will be collected for mandatory proxies.

             B. $2.00 optional handicap skins game.

                          1. Last years handicaps will be used for the first 3 weeks.

                                       a. If a player is moving to the gold tees his handicap will be

                                           adjusted down by 15%.

             C. $3.00 optional scratch skins game.

             D. The pro shop will collect skins and proxies when you pay your green fees.

XVIII. Points.

             A. Points will not be calculated until after the 3rd week.

             B. Each player will be playing for 10 points with handicap.

                          1. 1 point for each hole total 9 points.

                          2. 1 point for match total 1 point.

                          3. 2 points for team net.


XVIX. Forfeits.

             A.  A team that does not play will receive 0 points.

             B. The opposing team will draw for a team to play against.

XX. Handicaps.

             A. Nothing over a triple bogey will count for your handicap score.

                          1. Handicap person will make any adjustments.

                          2. 10 scores at 90% will be calculated for handicaps.