I. The league president is always right!

II. If the league president is wrong, see rule Number I!

III. If your ball goes into the weeds on hole number 1,  2,  4 , 12, 13, (not out of bounds)

     you may drop the ball where you think it entered the weeds and play from there with a

     one stroke penalty.  you do not have to return to the tee box.

IV. Our league plays rake and place when we play sand traps.

             A. No foursome can decide not to play traps, if the league is playing traps.

             B. If we play traps and your ball is in water move to a dry spot.

V. The sand trap behind hole #17 is a free drop, no closer to the hole.

VI. When the league does not play traps, green side traps must be kept in play.  remove

      ball and play from behind the trap.  Fairway traps you may remove the ball and

      play from the side of the trap.

             A. Fairway traps include

                          1. Hole #4 small trap in the middle about 30 yards from green.

                          2. Hole #7 trap on left about 40 yards from green.

                          3. Hole #12 trap about 20 yards from green in front of green side traps.

                          4. Hole #15 trap on left about 70 yards from green.

             B. All other traps are green side traps.

VII. If you hit the wires on hole #14, you may replay the ball from you from the tee,

       without a penalty.

             A. If you hit the tower off holes #12 and #14 the ball must be played where

                 it lies.

                          1. If the tower obstructs your swing, you may move the ball not nearer

                              the hole.

                          2. If you cannot find your ball after hitting the tower, drop a ball near the

                              tower and add a 1 stroke penalty  as a lost ball.

VIII. Putts can be conceded by your opponent.

IX. Men will play the white tees.

             A. Women will play the green tees.

             B. Anyone over 80 YOA may play the Gold Tees.

             C. Men may play the gold tee on Hole #17.

             D. Anyone may move back to any tee box.

                          1. Once you move back you must finish the year from that set of tees.

X. Out of bounds move up to where your ball went out and add 1 stroke penalty.

             A. League rule on hole #1, will not be played as out of bounds.

                          1. Drop a ball from about where the ball crossed the out of bounds.

             B. If  your ball is close to going out of bounds or out of bounds.

                          1. Move up to where the ball went out of bounds and add a one stroke

                               Penalty.  You will be hitting three from there.